Seirogan – Japanese Medicine For Digestive Problems

Whenever you travel to another country, it’s always a given that you’ll stuff yourself with all the food that country has to offer. You’d want to try them all, from fancy food in top-rated restaurants to freshly cooked street food. But after devouring all those dishes, sometimes our tummies may not agree with what we have filled them up with and we end up with intestinal problems. And that is a problem any traveler wants to avoid. Imagine having uncontrollable Diarrhea while travelling abroad. It’s so much of a hassle trying to figure out what medicine to buy and where to buy it specially if you’re in a non-english speaking country. And if you’re in Japan, you might have difficulty trying to communicate your symptoms to the pharmacist. It might end up being embarrassing as well. If you ever start to feel that something is weird with your stomach and you can’t stop paying a visit to the bathroom because of  unmanageable bowel movement, you might want to go to your nearest drugstore and purchase a bottle of Seirogan.

What Is Seirogan?

Seirogan is a Japanese herbal medicine that contains wood cresosote or beechwood creosote. It is mainly used for immediate relief of digestive problems such as stomachache, diarrhea, and food poisoning. It has been used since the start of the 19th century to treat the Japanese imperial army of diarrhea after consuming contaminated water. There is no definite answer as to who is the sole inventor or Seirogan in Japan. Today, there are 3 companies who manufacture Seirogan in Japan but the biggest share holder is Taiko Pharmaceutical, a company based in Osaka.

What Does Seirogan Look Like?

If you are already inside a Japanese drugstore looking for Seirogan, you might want to look for the gastro-intestinal isle and look for a small, orange, vertically rectangular box that’s around 3 inches in height. The “Seirogan” name might not be written in english alphabet so you may want to look for a box that looks exactly like the picture below.

Inside the box is a small and dark brown bottle that contains the medicine itself

Each piece is no bigger than a pea and has a black color. It has a very distinct and strong smell so it might be hard for children to drink this medicine. It has a slight minty aftertaste that lasts long after you drink it. You might still sense it when you burp even hours after intake. Though it may not be pleasing to our sense of smell, it is very effective and provides fast aid and comfort in just minutes.

You may notice that the box and the bottle inside is completely in Japanese so if you still have doubts if you have gotten the right bottle, you can always try your best and ask the store staff if what you are holding is indeed Seirogan.

How Much Seirogan Should I Consume?

Since the whole box, even the bottle of Seirogan is written in Kanji, you may ask how would one decipher how much of it you should consume. Of course, as with any type of medicine, one must not guess how much dosage you should take. Don’t worry, I will provide you with information straight from the instructions that come along with a bottle of Seirogan. I have listed below the recommended dosage per day.

The recommended dose for kids ages 5-8 is 1 pc.

For kids ages 9-11 is 1 and 1/2 pcs.

For teens from age 12-14 is 2 pcs.

From 15 and above is 3 pcs.

After drinking the recommended dosage for your particular category, just wait a couple of minutes until you feel relief then you can get on with your day.

A highly recommended product

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