Bihaku No Bijin Whitening Peeling Gel

I was in Shin-Osaka station one day, waiting for my boyfriend when I stumbled upon a small cosmetic store. As I entered, I became curious about the Bihaku No Bijin Whitening Peeling Gel because it was one of their featured products at that time. I wondered whether or not this product is effective so I decided to purchase it.

How To Use Bihaku No Bijin Whitening Peeling Gel

I first tried using it before I took my evening bath that very same day. It has a mixture of gel and watery texture. It’s very light and it’s a bit slippery so be careful not to drop it. Once I applied it, I rubbed it lightly on my skin, then I saw and felt my dead skin cells being removed. It doesn’t have an instant whitening effect but the bottle does say that you will see results with regular use. The downside side of this product for me is that, I would only opt to use this before taking a bath since it’s kind of hard to remove the dead skin cells that tend to attach to the small and thin hair on your body. You will need to use a loofah or some type of body scrub to remove it or else you’ll feel like there are small knots on certain parts of your body that has hair.


Is Bihaku No Bijin Really Effective To Whiten Skin?

I have been using it for quite a while to see if it really whitens your skin but for me there’s no noticeable difference since I already have a fair complexion to begin with. I also don’t use it religiously so I can’t say for sure if its whitening ingredients are potent or not.  I don’t know if Bihaku No Bijin would work better on a person with darker skin that mine but I think that t0 really test this product, it’s better to apply it on a particular dark spot routinely and properly document the effects for proof.


But if you’re just looking for a product that can exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells, then I can recommend the Bihaku no Bijin Whitening Peeling Gel. It leaves your skin feeling new after a few scrubs. You can really see the impurities of your skin being removed with every stroke. And with repeated use, who knows, the promise of its whitening effect might actually be true.


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