Biore Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Foam

Having sensitive skin, I have learned the hard way that I cannot just use random products on my face or else suffer the consequences. Before, I would often have breakouts because I didn’t know that some of the products I was using was not compatible with my skin and thus would cause irritation. And during my teenage years, aside from not having the financial capacity to purchase better products aside from the ones they sell at the supermarket, I also didn’t know how to research about skincare products because the internet was not as informative back then than it is now and even if it was, we also didn’t have much access to international products as it wasn’t sold widely in our country and ordering online would’ve been impossible for a teenager like me.

Why I Started To Use Japanese Products

Back then, I was stuck using products that kept damaging my skin until one day when I stumbled upon a small Japanese store inside a mall that my family frequently went to. My mom suggested I try Japanese products because it may be more compatible with my skin. She was right. Ever since then, I try to go for Japanese products instead of local and even some international brands. Before, I was using a popular facial wash from a well-known brand and I decided to stop using it after a while because it was giving me pimples. It damaged my skin to the point that I would rather just wash my face with water rather than use any other facial cleanser that would only produce the same results.


After years of just using water on my face and not having the same problem, I became skeptical of all the facial cleansers out there that promise to make your skin clear of all impurities. It was just when I came to Japan did I trust a skincare brand again. I was just casually browsing through items at a drug store when I saw the Biore Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Foam. I didn’t hesitate to purchase and try it because I know Japanese products won’t let me down and I was right.

Can The Biore Makeup Remover Remove All Types of Makeup?

The Biore makeup remover also doubles as a facial wash. Not bad for its price. It comes in a pink bottle with a foam pump so you don’t even need to lather it up before you apply it on your face. It removes light make up and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Although, it cannot remove heavy makeup completely particularly waterproof eyeliner and smudge-proof matte lipsticks. Those are almost impossible to remove with just water and soap. You would need a different type of makeup remover for that.


Is The Biore Facial Cleansing Foam Safe To Use Everyday?

Whenever I don’t have any makeup on, I just use it to wash away the oil and dirt from my face. I only use a small amount, around half a pump, and that would be enough for one wash. Just make sure you wash your face with water first and try to remove as much oil as possible so that the foam wouldn’t dissolve easily. I’m glad I tried this product because most facial cleansers have formulas that are too strong for my skin type and that would cause me to breakout in zits after using it a couple of times. The Biore Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Foam does a perfect job of ridding my skin of dirt and oil but doesn’t leave it dry afterwards. A bottle lasts me about 1-2 months with daily use. It’s cheap and effective that’s why I will keep buying this product.


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