Wasabi Flavored Pistachio Snacks From Japan

It was the first time I got a hold of pistachio snacks with wasabi flavor.  A good friend of mine brought some from Japan and gave it to me as a souvenir. I remember her handing me a big plastic bag that contained a chocolate cookie snack along with this snack. When I opened the plastic bag to check what I had received, I was surprised to find out that she had given me my favourite kind of nut. That time, I got really excited because I really love Pistachios and I also like wasabi flavoured food as well. And to have both combined in a snack, just made me so excited to try it out.

Japanese Wasabi flavored pistachio snacks
Japanese Wasabi flavored pistachio snacks

The Wasabi Flavored Pistachio Snack

The very first time I put that little green and tasty snack in my mouth was pure bliss. The outer part is where the wasabi flavour is, so it’s the first thing that you will get to taste. It’s a mix of spicy and a minty kind of taste and you get that feeling that it feels like the mintiness goes up your nose when you’ve had too much of it. After the Wasabi powder touches your tongue, then comes the crunch. It’s not the type of crunch that’s hard to chew. It has a soft but still satisfying crunch that’s easy to bite. It makes an audible munching sound that would make anyone sitting next to you, envious of what you’re eating. And then, hiding in the middle, is the much-awaited Pistachio. And it’s real pistachio (If ever you we’re wondering if it is real or fake) The combination of everything is just heavenly for me.

Where Can I Buy Wasabi Flavored Pistachio Snacks?

 You can easily get this snack in Japan if you’re in the Kansai area. I don’t remember seeing these anywhere in Tokyo, but I found them inside the Kyoto Station souvenir section and in Donki Dotonbori branch. Kyoto Station sells wasabi flavored pistachios but they come in smaller batches with more elegant packaging, perfect for souvenirs and gifts. The ones sold in Donki are bigger and more expensive, perfect for people who likes munching on snacks while watching TV. It’s also better to buy this one if you have plenty of people to give souvenirs to because inside the big pack are smaller packs, with around 10-15 pieces each. The ones in Kyoto station may look like a cheap option at around ¥500 but it has a stronger wasabi flavour that hurts my nose and throat at times. You might feel pressured to finish a pack in one sitting as well because it doesn’t come in a resealable pack. I prefer the ones I bought in Donki for around ¥1,000 because for me, the taste is just perfect.

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