Wasabi Flavored KitKat From Japan

I was shopping at Donki Dotonbori branch for souvenirs and chocolates when I had mistakenly mistook a pack of wasabi KitKat for the matcha flavoured ones because their packaging and colour are very similar to each other. The matcha flavoured Kitkat was the first Japanese Kitkat i’ve ever tasted. I loved it right away because the taste reminds me of the flavour “Cookies and Cream”. After a couple more steps in the chocolate isle, I saw the real Matcha Kitkat chocolate and that’s when I noticed that what I had in my shopping basket was a different flavour. I read the label again and saw the word “Wasabi”, I knew that I made a mistake but I thought that I might as well try it.

The Wasabi Kitkat Taste

So what does it taste like? hmmm well… at first there was a kind of a weird sweetness that was new to me. I didn’t know what that flavour was. It has a sweetness that i’m not really fond of and after that taste has subsided, only then will you taste a light wasabi essence. It’s not spicy at all like one would expect. It’s still sweet and as for the wasabi taste, for me, it’s not really that prominent. It doesn’t stand out. It’s more of just a hint of Wasabi. Like it’s just the sidekick of another flavour and not the main ingredient that will leave its taste in your mouth. If you’ve ever eaten Wasabi before, You would know that feeling that when you eat it, a menthol-like spice goes in the middle of your throat and nose. The wasabi KitKat has that feeling as well but it’s very very subtle. The chocolate coating also has a smooth consistency. It’s different from the strawberry or matcha that has little particles that your mouth can feel with every bite.


The overall taste wasn’t horrible but also, it’s just not for me. Other people might find it pleasant and enjoy it more especially Wasabi aficionados. I’m glad to have tasted it, though I might stick to the flavours I really enjoy such as the Matcha and Strawberry.

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