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How I Damaged My Skin With A Hair Removal Pad

I must admit that I am not blessed with the perfect skin. It tends to be oily at times and I also have so many freckles on my cheeks. To make things worse, in an attempt to remove some small hair on certain parts of my face, I decided to use a not-so-typical hair remover which left my skin feeling painful and dry.

That product was the Sally Hansen hair removal pad. It’s basically SANDPAPER. Yes you read it right, it’s sandpaper that you need to rub on parts of your body that has hair. It’s difficult to use so you tend to scrub more just to get the hair off but by doing so, it will leave your skin painful from too much rubbing with fine sandpaper.  That’s what happened to me. And after a while, it became really really dry. And what saved my skin, is the Kose Infinity cream.

Kose Infinity AG Repair Cream Moisturised My Dry And Sore Skin

The Kose Infinity AG repair cream has a rich consistency so you don’t need much to be able to apply it on your whole face. Even a small portion goes a long way. You can put a pea size amount on the palm of you hand, spread it on both hands, then apply it to your face, gently massaging your forehead, cheeks and chin area.


I used it alongside my Naturie skin conditioning gel and apply it just before I go to sleep. After a couple of days, my skin became smoother than before I started using both products. I used to feel a lot of small bumps whenever I touch my damaged skin, just like how your skin feels when you get goosebumps. But after around 4 days of using it, those bumps became non-existent.

The Kose Infinity AG Repair cream might feel a little thick and sticky for some people but I feel like it has to be if it contains essential and effective ingredients to leave your skin feeling like a baby’s skin in the morning. I still use it until now and will continue to do so unless I find another cream that works better for me. It’s a little pricey at around ¥6,500 but believe me it’s worth it. The packaging might look small at first but it can last you up to 2 months even with regular use. I highly recommend it for people suffering from dry skin.


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