How To Remove Acne – Rohto Acne’s 25 Medical Mist

I once had planned to spend around 3 hours just looking around Tokyu Hands. If you don’t know what “Tokyu Hands” is, it’s a place, but more often than not, a building with around 4-6 floors of various items that are segregated by category. Of course, I spent a lot of time browsing through the products at the skin care section which is a whole floor dedicated for all skin care and cosmetic needs.

While I was walking through isles and isles of skincare products, somehow I ended up in an isle with products for acne removal. I noticed a white bottle with a green cap that says it is dedicated specifically for pimples on your back. I was curious and I tried it out because I had a mild case of back acne during that time and was desperately trying to get rid of it. I got a bottle off of the shelves of Tokyu Hands right then and there, and paid for it along with my other purchases.

How To Remove Acne With The Rohto Acne’s 25 Medical Mist

As I got home from my trip. I checked out all the things that I bought. I got the bottle of Rohto Acnes 25 Medical Mist and examined the container to check if there’s a specific instruction how to use it. It’s a medium sized bottle made of plastic and it has a small cap at the top that you can remove to use the product. It’s a spray-on type and there’s really no complication about how to use it. After taking a bath, spray it on the affected area. You’d want to let the product dry first before putting on some clothes, to let your skin and not the fabric, absorb the formula. You may need the help of someone to spray it on your back because it’s a little bit difficult to do it correctly by yourself as your arms might not be long enough to reach and target the affected areas.

As for the feel of its consistency, it’s a little sticky at first when it’s wet and it feels like there’s a thin layer of film covering your back. It’s not uncomfortable and it doesn’t sting. The stickiness goes away once it has dried up. For the results, after using it everyday, I noticed that my back acne was less than before. Although, it didn’t totally disappear. After some time, I figured out that what was causing my skin to break out was the shampoo and conditioner I was using. So it didn’t matter if I used the Rohto Acne’s 25 religiously because something I was using at the same time was the cause of my back acne. The pimples would keep coming back if I didn’t change my shampoo and conditioner.

Is the Rohto Acne’s 25 Medical Mist Effective?

My conclusion is that it would have worked better and faster if I also used hair products that didn’t irritate my skin. My suggestion to people suffering with the same problem is that to know what causes you back acne first before trying to treat it. Now, my back acne are gone after switching to a different shampoo, conditioner and soap that worked well with my hair and with my skin while still using the Rohto Acne’s 25. After applying shampoo and conditioner, I make sure to scrub my back with soap to wash away the remaining conditioner that might seep into my skin. It works for me and might work for you as well but if it doesn’t, try having better hygienic habits like not forgetting to take a bath before bed time, changing to clean clothes before you sleep and changing your bed sheets regularly. If that doesn’t work then I suggest consulting with a dermatologist to find out how you can treat your back acne.

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