Antiperspirant For Women – Lion BAN Roll-On

Will I Need To Use An Antiperspirant During The Winter Season?

I usually travel to Japan during the end of the year to visit my family. And during my first winter experience, I thought I wouldn’t be sweating all throughout my stay so I didn’t see the need to bring a deodorant. But you see, under all the layers of clothes that kept me warm, hours and hours of walking around several towns and cities, and the fact that living in a tropical country has trained my sweat glands to be quite powerful, I realised that I made a mistake.


Luckily, several drug stores and convenient stores can be found all over Japan but frankly it was a little difficult to look for the deo section and there weren’t a lot of choices to choose from, where I went. I don’t know if the place I went to was a special case because it was just a small store outside the main city or if there’s just no demand for deos at all in Japan. When I finally found the deo section, I went for the cheapest one. I chose Lion Ban Roll-On Deodorant because it was just around 500 yen.

Is The Lion Ban Roll-On Effective? Will It Darken My Underarms?

At first, I was a little hesitant to purchase it because it is a roll-on type. I didn’t like the thought that I’d have to let it dry for some time before I can put on my clothes. But then I thought it was ok since it was only temporary. After using it for a couple of times, I noticed how It doesn’t make me sweat. My underarms didn’t have bad odor as well, even after coming back and experiencing the tropical heat again. It was also easy to remove unlike the other deo I bought in Japan before which took several scrubs in the bath before it completely came off. I also noticed how it dries fast. I just roll it on my underarms and it dries quickly after about 10 seconds. It doesn’t leave stains on your clothes whether it be white, black, or any color for that matter. Lastly and most importantly, it doesn’t darken your armpits unlike other deodorants which are jam-packed with harmful chemicals.


The 3 Types Of Lion Ban Roll-On 

If you decide to look for Lion Ban Roll-On, you might notice that there are other types to choose from aside from the pink one. There are 2 other types which have different colors, gold and green. I haven’t tried the gold version but I have tried the green one and I can say that it’s a little different from the pink. While the pink has no smell, the green is fragrant but it doesn’t stop you from sweating. If you’re the type of person who’d rather sweat it out than trying to stop your body from perspiring, then the green Lion Ban might be a better choice for you. It won’t stop you from sweating but you’ll remain smelling fresh with its notable scent.


I’ve just recently finished the bottle I bought last December. Apart from being effective, it’s economical as well. Who would’ve thought that that small bottle would last me 4 months. And around 500 yen? Not bad at all.

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