Best Takoyaki In Osaka – Takocha

If you’re into Japanese cuisine, you’ve probably already eaten Takoyaki or at least have heard of it or have seen your friends devour it (if you’re allergic to seafood and can’t have some). Every trip to Japan is also a chance to fill your tummy with all the food, the land of the rising sun, has to offer. Personally for me, whenever I visit Japan, I always end up eating a lot of street food and there’s no way I would pass up some freshly cooked Takoyaki if ever I come across a vendor selling it. Whether I’m in Tokyo or the Kansai area, whenever there’s a food park or a street is lined up with street food vendors, I always, almost 100 percent of the time, go for Takoyaki. And of all the Takoyaki I’ve eaten, the one I ate in Osaka stands out the most.

What is a Takoyaki?

A Takoyaki is a popular Japanese street food snack that if translated to English, literally means “Octopus Grill”. Though it’s not really grilled octopus, a Takoyaki is a ball-shaped cake made with a wheat-flour batter with Dashi flavour, cooked in a griddle that’s specially made for making Takoyaki, and is stuffed with pickled ginger, green onions, tempura scraps and diced octopus. It is cooked slowly and meticulously. The Takoyaki must be turned around slowly, one by one so that the spherical shape can be achieved. It is then drizzled with takoyaki sauce, japanese mayo, topped with more green onions, seaweed and dried bonito flakes.

Takoyaki From A Food Stall In Ueno, Tokyo

How To Eat A Takoyaki?

There’s no specific way to eat a Takoyaki. It’s always served with 2 toothpicks, which I find a little difficult to use. Takoyaki is always served hot if served right and I always burn my tongue if I stupidly decide to just put the whole thing in my mouth. Once you do that, you will almost immediately regret your decision because although the outer layer of the Takoyaki might not seem too hot to eat, the middle part is always steaming hot. I’ve learned my lesson so now I try to eat it by opening it first using the toothpick or a pair of chopsticks and blowing the inside until it becomes cool enough to eat. I recommend doing the same or risk burning not just your tongue, but the inside of your mouth as well.

Where Is The Best Takoyaki In Osaka?

Of all the Takoyaki places that I went to, the one that was clearly the winner is TAKOCHA.
Takocha is a few minutes away from the Osaka Station. It’s walking distance so you don’t need to ride another train or a taxi going there. You can also go there from Umeda station which is nearer compared to Osaka station. How did I find it? Me and my boyfriend were heading to a bookstore nearby when we stumbled upon Takocha. It’s a small, hole-in-the-wall type of store on a street corner. The owner set up a few tables and chairs across so that his customers can relax and sit down while he prepares the Takoyaki and while you enjoy it. He has a small sign for his menu which has around 4 types written on it but we chose the “Salt and Mayo” type. If I remember correctly, we paid around 500¥ for 8 pieces including the toppings. As soon as I blew out the steam from inside the Takoyaki ball and put it in my mouth, I was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t stop saying “Oishisugiru”, which means “Too delicious”, to my boyfriend. He nodded in agreement with me and to think he’s a native Japanese guy that’s born and raised in Osaka, that has got to mean that my taste buds aren’t making a mistake. Usually 6 pieces, shared with another person, is already enough for me but this time I wanted to order more. I felt like I could finish 12 pieces more by myself because it was so tasty. The combination of the Takoyaki itself and the sauce is perfect. It’s not bland like the other Takoyaki I’ve tasted. This one made me understand what a real Takoyaki should taste like. After finishing our meal, I couldn’t help but compliment the owner/chef. I told him it was delicious. He smiled and said thank you.


Takoyaki From Takocha

Where is Takocha?

Luckily, I found Takocha’s address from the internet. I thought maybe not much people paid attention to that store since there were no other customers when we went and ate there. It’s good to know that other people find their Takoyaki delicious enough to post and share it on the internet.

〒530-0013, 6-15 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 530-0013, Japan

I tried searching for “Takocha” on google maps at that time using my phone but I couldn’t find it. I wanted to mark that place because I want to go back there again someday. Good thing I found its exact address on google maps on my laptop so now I can share it with all of you.

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