Mochi Japanese Candy – Milky Mochi

From time to time, I go to Japan to visit family and for some well deserved and much needed R and R. Before I go back home, I make sure I don’t show up empty handed to all my friends and loved ones. I always buy them “Omiyage” or what we call “Souvenir” in English. Im not the type to just buy all my souvenirs at the airport. I like to buy different types of candies, chocolates, etc. and mix them up so that the people who will receive them can somehow enjoy the different types and variety  of Japanese confectioneries.

Where To Buy Milky Mochi

I’m not sure if it’s available in supermarkets or in convenience stores like 711 and lawson but what I know for sure is that they are available of course, where else but in the Dotonbori branch of Donki. I always go there to buy chocolates and other goodies even though it’s a little tough to navigate because it’s always full of people. They have so many interesting snacks that look so delicious. Everything just looks so tempting so I always end up having a mountain of stuff in my shopping basket and end up paying more than what my original budget is.

What Does Milky Mochi Look And Taste Like

Milky is a popular candy brand in Japan. The brand’s mascot is a cute little girl in pig tails, with big eyes, a big smile and her tongue peeping out at the side of her mouth. You can instantly spot a Milky pack from afar because of its eye-catching design. Upon opening a pack, you will notice that each Milky Mochi is individually packed in a transparent plastic with red characters. The mochi itself is white in color. It’s super soft and the outer layer is a little powdery.

It’s a little small,  around an inch and a half in size. Once you bite them, you will feel how soft and bouncy it really is. I gave some to my colleagues and saved a bunch for myself because it really looked yummy. The feedback I got from them was it was too sweet for their taste. I haven’t tasted it at that time so I became curious and finally tried one. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me or my sweet tooth is really that powerful but for me, the Milky Mochi’s sweetness level is just right. It has a milk-tasting filling that had a very smooth & thick consistency. It really tasted how I imagine it would taste like. I was not disappointed at all. I couldn’t stop myself from finishing a pack within a day. And that was me being stingy already. If I had bought lots of these, I would have finished a pack in 1 sitting. The milk filling in the middle is also inside a thin layer of something white that has a marshmallowy texture. Everything just blends together perfectly.

Taking a bite from my last Milky Mochi was painful and delicious at the same time . I didn’t know I would fall in love with this snack as soon as it touched my lips. I should’ve have bought more of these milky goodies when I had the chance.

I don’t remember so well so i’m not sure if it’s from the same Milky brand, but these mochi candies also come in orange flavor. The taste is of course a little fruity and just a tad bit sour but everything else is essentially the same as the Milky Mochi.

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