Must-Buy Japanese Strawberry Snacks

Other than grapes, my other favorite flavor is Strawberry. I always pick strawberry flavored food especially drinks almost all the time. Even when I go snack hunting, I always buy the strawberry version of something even if it comes in several different flavors. Strawberry is my safe flavor. I’m sure it’ll taste good if it’s strawberry. Here are some strawberry flavored snacks worth buying whenever you’re in Japan

Strawberry Chocolate

When I was in Donki shopping for souvenirs, I saw this hanging from one of the shelves. I immediately grabbed some because it looked so delicious and I was not disappointed! by the number of pieces? Yes! it only had around 4-5 pieces per pack. Definitely not enough for someone with a sweet tooth like me. But by the taste? No. It tasted exactly like I hope it would. The outer layer is milk chocolate with strawberry flavor and inside is a real strawberry. The strawberry inside is a little crunchy as well because it has been dehydrated.

It also comes in white chocolate flavor. Every piece varies in size because of the size of the strawberry. That’s how you know the strawberry they used are real ones and not chemically and artificially produced. I do hope they make a bigger pack with more pieces inside. 4-5 pieces really isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings once you tasted this. If you’re both a strawberry and chocolate lover, you definitely don’t want to pass up on buying tons of these.

Caplico No Atama

Caplico no Atama is a mix of both strawberry flavored chocolate and milk chocolate. When you open the pack, you’ll notice that each piece is placed securely in a tray with a plastic cover so that it doesn’t lose its shape or get crushed. Just push your finger onto the bottom part and the chocolate will pop out of the tray. Once you take a bite, you’ll feel that it doesn’t take much effort for your teeth to cut through the chocolate because it’s so soft due to its sponge form. You won’t notice it from the outside because it’s so smooth but I just love how the porousness made it seem a little crunchy with every bite.

Bourbon Mini Shirubenu Strawberry

Mini Shirubenu Strawberry is another version of the popular sylveine chocolate cake snacks. Each pack contains several pieces, each of which is enclosed in an individual plastic. It has a triangular shape to mimic a real cake slice and has a strawberry flavored chocolate coating. Inside are two layers of soft chiffon cake and a cream filling in the middle. It’s a perfect snack for tea time. All of my friends whom I gave these to said they really really enjoyed its taste.

Almond Strawberry Milk

If you’re really into Japanese snacks, then you probably know or have eaten Meiji’s “Almond”. It’s the delicious chocolate coated almonds that’s placed in a flat rectangular box that you have to slide out to open. Athough, other versions may come in a convenient resealable foil pack such as the photo above. Almond Strawberry Milk comes from the same maker and is from the same line but aimed at strawberry lovers. I’m glad I bought this because I really liked how they blended the strawberry and milk without it being too sweet or overpowering each flavor. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can find it in almost all stores in Japan.

Sakuma Strawberry Milk Candy

If you’re a real strawberry candy fan, you should surely have some Sakuma Strawberry Milk Candies in your bag in case you suddenly crave for something sweet. These candies have a solid strawberry candy outer layer but inside are several layers of  crunchy alternating milk sheets and cream Mille-Feuille style. People have been enjoying these Strawberry Milk candies since the company Sakuma has started making it in the 1970s.

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