Cefine Silk Wet Powder

Cefine Silk Wet Powder

Naomi Watanabe’s Foundation – Cefine Silk Wet Powder Foundation

If you’ve watched the Vogue video featuring Naomi Watanabe’s makeup ritual, chances are you’ve seen how she points out the pimples and other dark marks on her face and easily erases it with her foundation after a few applications. There are also lots of comments on that video saying how her foundation can just glide smoothly on her face and have better coverage than most liquid foundations.

Where to Buy and Product Comments

When I watched this video, I instantly searched for Cefine Silk Wet Powder Foundation and where to buy it. I saw it on sale on Amazon Japan for ¥3,768 or around 37 US Dollars. It’s a little more expensive than my trusted Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV at ¥2,989 or around 29 US dollars but I just had to try it for myself. I checked the comments first to know if it’s worthy to buy but who was I kidding, I was already sold even if it only had 3 and 1/2 stars out of 5. Most of the commenters said that they bought the Cefine Silk Wet Powder Foundation because they saw the Naomi Watanabe Vogue video and also became curious of her magical foundation. Some were pleased but some were not as well.

Cefine Silk Wet Powder
Cefine Silk Wet Powder

Cefine Silk Wet Powder Foundation Review

Makeup Sponge

Know that I only bought the refill because i’m stingy and although some foundation refills come with a makeup sponge, this one didn’t. Minus points for that.


I chose the lightest color which is the OC90. It doesn’t steer away from my skin tone so I have no problems with that.


I don’t know if I expected too much but I was a bit disappointed with the coverage. From Naomi Watanabe’s video, it successfully covered her pimples but when I used it, it didn’t totally hide my freckles. I had to put on several layers of it on top of my CC cream and concealer to make my freckles less visible. Without the CC cream and concealer, it barely covers anything on its own


It feels a little thick on your face specially when you apply several layers like I did. It feels a little dry too and for me it felt like I could dust off some powder particles off of my face if I touched it.


It has a matte finish so don’t expect your skin to look dewy. I don’t know why but maybe it doesn’t work well with my CC cream and concealer because after a few hours or after I sweat, my nose gets cakey. It’s weird because it doesn’t cake on other parts of my face and my nose tends get more oily than the rest of my face so maybe it doesn’t work well with oily skin.


There’s probably not going to be a second purchase for me. For a price around that range, i’m sure I can find something much better that will suit my skin type.

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